Top 5 Picture Books on Santa Claus For Small Children (Ranked) 2022

Top 5 Picture Books on Santa Claus For Small Children (Ranked) 2022
Top 5 Picture Books on Santa Claus For Small Children (Ranked) 2022

What is Christmas without Santa? Frankly, I think Christmas would be dull without all the magic we have created around Santa Claus. He is all the hype surrounding Christmas, and things are not about to take any turn, even with the upcoming holiday.

For me, Christmas is about family, and nothing beats enjoying the holiday with my kids. With everyone in the house, we still want to continue the reading culture. One of my go-to solutions with my children has always been to get hold of Santa Claus picture books.

Believe me, getting the best picture book on Santa can be a hustle, considering the many books in the market. But worry not. I have got you covered. If you have young ones and you would love to spike up the Christmas spirit, below are some of the must-have Santa Claus picture books that are fun and thrilling. I ranked the books based on popularity, illustration quality and cuteness.

What Are The Top Santa Claus Picture Books For Christmas?

When Santa Was a Baby, by Linda Bailey (2015)

This is an easy-to-read Santa Claus book and a good pick for Christmas eve. When Santa was a baby is ideal for readers between 2-5 years who want to have a good time learning about Santa Claus.

In this book, Santa’s parents appreciate the unique quality of his voice even as he beams with the ho, ho, hos instead of the typical baby babble. In addition, he loves to stand close to the refrigerators and give away his birthday presents. He is weirdly interested in chimneys and enjoys training his hamsters to pull a matchbox sleigh. Ultimately, he fulfills his destiny with the help of his proud parents.

You will love the illustrations in this book, and of course, as a parent, you will be encouraged to support your children’s destinies. Conversely, children will enjoy this adorable book as they imagine Santa being a baby and get a good laugh while at it.

The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore (2011)

I love this book because of its unique portrayal of Santa. You won’t go wrong with this one as a Christmas gift. The book features Santa Claus’s life through generations. Reading it with your kids will literally give you the best night before Christmas.

My children and I especially loved the special introductory poem, the beautiful illustrations of Santa Claus and his reindeer. You will love the original story of Santa and the well-detailed pictures accompanying the story’s flow. It is simply magical. The man with a sleeping cap and the woman with a satin bonnet kerchief, the other characters in this book, will give good laugh on your young one(s).

To avoid missing out on the significant traditions of Christmas, go ahead and grab this legendary read.

Santa In the City, by Tiffany D. Jackson (2021)

Your kids will enjoy the fun this book brings out. It is the right pick for those laugh-out-loud gatherings. The book captures the heart of Santa Claus uniquely. If your kid is skeptical or a believer of the magic Santa Claus brings about, then they are in for a ride.

This read tells the story of a little girl, Deja, who lives in the city and worries that Santa Claus won’t visit her on Christmas. It is just two weeks away. She has to find a way for him to show up. The challenge she has is that she lacks a chimney and has no parking spots that can fit a sleigh. However, her family, community, and Santa himself help her find out that the Christmas spirit is present in her city too.

This book features bold and colorful illustrations for kids to enjoy, but it is also an excellent representation and ‘teacher’ of the importance of embracing human diversity.

Santa Mouse, by Michael Brown (2019)

If you enjoy reading about cute animals to cozy up and for fun Christmas moments with your children, this Santa Claus book is hard to pass. It is a classic and guarantees a good laugh.

In this amusing book, Santa has a helper, a nameless little mouse. Despite being tiny and living alone in a big house, this mouse has a vast imagination and a generous spirit. Thanks to his palpable love for Christmas, he surprises Santa Claus with an unusual present. If you want to find out about the gift, there is no better way than to grab a copy.

This book passes a unique message that children can grow up and embrace, that everyone has something to offer and that our situations don’t always have to define us. I am confident you will appreciate these tangible lessons as I did.

A World of Cookies for Santa, by M E Furman (2017)

What’s Christmas without cookies? You will highly appreciate this book if you love to be in the kitchen with your young ones baking for the festivities. Apart from its stunning and colorful illustrations, it arouses an appetite for feasting and a desire to cook and teaches the importance of sharing.

A World of Cookies for Santa is an ideal read for preparing for Santa Claus’s visit. It tells the story of the thousands of treats that Santa Claus is waiting for on the eve of Christmas worldwide. It starts with the Philippines, where children prepare puto seko cookies and ginger tea, especially for him. It then takes children to Russia via a jet, where they leave a honey spice cookie, then to Malawi for a unique sweet potato cookie.

Before you and your young one(s) return from this journey, and as you wait for Santa, you get various recipes to bake for Santa. This lovely read is excellent for any time and will surely leave long-lasting and refreshing memories.

Final Thoughts on Santa Claus Picture Books

All these legendary picture Santa Claus books are a must-have, considering they factor in all ages of small children. The various Santa stories will surely bring up fun during the holidays. If you are considering new book collections for your Christmas family traditions or gifts to give to young ones, these books are perfect and suitable options. Happy Holidays!

If you are looking for Christmas present for older generations, please also check my Christmas book gift guide.

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