Top 6 Self-Reflection Fiction Books For 2022

Top 6 Self-Reflection Fiction Books For 2022
Top 6 Self-Reflection Fiction Books For 2022

In a world filled with chaos and turmoil, we often disregard self-reflection and get caught up in madness. But it is vital to remind ourselves about introspection if we want to live more fulfilled lives, and books can be the best tools.

Undoubtedly, life challenges can knock you down one way or another, and you may lose track of your purpose, goals, knowledge, and authentic self. But you do not have to worry anymore because this article has covered you with books to help you self-reflect. Reading these books will reward you with self-conscious clarity and help you discover who you are.

If you feel like it’s time to figure out some things in your life or you crave getting your life back together, engage your mind with our collection of inspirational self-reflection books.

What Are The Most Impressive Self-Reflection Novels?

Who She Was, by D.C Johnston (2022)

If you fancy a gripping mystery book about self-rediscovery, you will be turning the pages in this book with a smile on your face. Reading this book will engage you deeply with the relatable events of the character as well as the heavy emotions infused in every page.

Naomi, the main character, encounters an impossible tragic event and finds herself admitted to a hospital for the past three years. But even more traumatizing, she cannot remember anything from that lost period. It’s almost as if she gets a fresh start without knowing what happened in her past life. She does not remember the kind of job she had, family issues, her boyfriend, goals, and priorities. All these events are saddening but refreshing. But can Naomi redefine herself, her memories, passion, and reality?

You will love how Johnson captures Naomi’s reality transformatively with wit. The fear of not knowing is the most distressing, but this book will give you the value of finding self-evaluation and the pain that comes with it.

The Reckless Oath We Made, by Bryn Greenwood (2019)

This is a well-narrated book with an exceptionable plot and captivating dialogue to keep you glued. Bryn uses her point-of-view writing style, and this tactic makes you indulge in the story better.

Zee is a fairy tale princess with an unending list of worries, including insurmountable bills, a demanding mother, a beautiful and naïve sister, and a five-year nephew. But amid all this, she has a boss who deals drugs and, to top it all, anger issues. She needs help.

Gentry, her sword fighter and knight with knowledge of medieval vernacular, is the one to rescue her from all this nightmare. For almost two years, he has heard voices calling him to be her hero and champion. But due to his autistic and shy nature, he has never spoken to her. However, he has always been on standby to help Zee in times of need without seeming like a stalker. Following an abduction, Zee is split from her family, and that is how she seeks help from Gentry, her last resort. This unanticipated circumstance brings them closer to changing their lives and keeps them together for a long time.

You will love this story of redemption and loyalty as you reflect on how refreshing carrying other people’s baggage can be as you self-cross-examine your life.

A Big Enough Lie, by Eric Bennett (2015)

If you enjoy a political suspense, hilarious fiction memoir, this book is one not to pass. A Big Enough Lie is as absorbing and authentic as it is beautiful to raise serious contemplation issues.

In the waiting room of a TV talk show, John Townley is worried about what may expose him to be a fraud. He is a self-made publisher of the best-selling Iraq War memoir but has fabricated events in Iraq and military service. The dilemma is that he has to confront a charming soldier live on TV. To add salt to injury, he has never encountered him, but the truths in his book keep convicting him.

You will love the fantastic characters in this book even as you reflect on how some of our actions can haunt us the most, to say the least. But Bennet’s writing is even more impressive. Although he has never been in a war or dressed in combat uniform, he gives decent and well-detailed events and an almost realistic picture of men involved in a war.

This book will challenge you to look keenly into yourself through the connection it gives. It will help you figure out how a simple lie can be of immense value and more illuminating than the truth. It will help you learn the flipside of deception and encourage you to be more ambitious.

Golden State, by Ben H. Winters (2019)

Golden State is an exciting thriller book packed with humor and a sense of thought provocative ideas of what is true and real. This book narrates the story of Lazlo Ratesic, a 54-year-old who has served for almost two decades in the Speculative Service. This service prioritizes the values of law and truth.

Lazlo has to introduce himself without revealing his purpose and nature, although this will deem him guilty of a lie. He is a citizen of the Golden State, a nation surrounded by vanished truths and lies that keep spreading to make governance impossible to attain and prevail.

The biggest crime is contradicting the truth, and Laz is tasked with identifying these crimes, stopping and deciding punishments for them. He is one of the few permitted to speculate on what might have occurred in a particular crime.

Monitoring and verifying the falsehood crimes requires surveillance, proactive recording, and record keeping. If those in charge of controlling truth choose to alter it for wicked means, the speculators are the only ones with the ability to fight back.

I particularly loved how this book has excellent word-building to give a reflective mind on what can or may happen in a world where truth is the land’s law. With fake news surrounding every media outlet today, you need to reflect on the nature of reality, and this book will surprisingly engage you.

Before Your Memory Fades, by Toshikazu Kawaguchi (2022)

This is an incredible book with tales of fascinating characters set in a Hakodate café called Donna Donna. This café is owned by the Tokita family and has a seat that allows their customers to travel back in time. The catch to this unique traveling experience is that you must return to reality before your coffee gets cold.

The book features various travelers- a daughter who resents her deceased parents for leaving her as an orphan, a young man who finally realizes his love for an ally they grew up with, and a young comedian who misses his loved ones and longs for the dreams they shared.

All these travelers engage you to contemplate what you would do to change some things that probably occurred in the past. If you had the chance to slip back in time like these characters, would you say or handle things differently? That is for you to self-reflect.

This fascinating book will help you reflect on how you act toward those closest to you. It is well put together to ensure that you are not confused about the turn of events with a fantastic plot and unforeseen twists and turns.

Nightcrawling, by Leila Mottley (2022)

Nightcrawling is an incredible must-read written by 17-year-old Leila Mottley. When I first picked this book, I thought it was too heavy to handle, but then I couldn’t put it down. I loved the captivating narrative and the exciting aspect of how to understand a hard life and hard choices that affect many of us today.

The intriguing plot and suspense in this book and life’s survival techniques will enormously help you contemplate the possibility of having hope and a future even when facing destitute situations.

It narrates the story of Kiara and her brother Marcus living from hand to mouth in an East Oakland apartment called Regal-Hi. Their family has faced death and prison nightmares, and the two siblings had to drop out of school. Now they hustle together for daily living. Kiara has to look for work to get the apartment’s rent paid and find food for an abandoned neighbor, and Marcus has to work to build his dream career in the challenging world of rap stardom. Everything makes their situation despicable.

But one night, an ordeal that starts as a mistake with a stranger is the job Kiara desperately needs but never imagined getting involved in. Her world turns when her name comes up in an investigation that allegedly places her as a critical witness in a big scandal in the Oakland Police Department.

Final Thoughts on Self-Reflection Books

All these books are must-haves if you are an audience that fancies self-reflection perspectives driven using a provocative fiction approach. Go ahead and engage your mind and thoughts with these reads to learn and appreciate your experiences or mistakes and give yourself a self-scrutiny check.

They are relatable for self-awareness, and I hope you can find what you are looking for to achieve a bearable and happy life at the end of it all.

If you are enjoying a more spiritual approach of self-reflection, check out our mini article collection on consciousness life.


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