Top 8 Donald J. Trump Books · A “Hopefully” Unbiased List Showing Both Sides of The Ex-President

Top 8 Donald J. Trump Books · A “Hopefully” Unbiased List Showing Both Sides of The Ex-President
Top 8 Donald J. Trump Books · A “Hopefully” Unbiased List Showing Both Sides of The Ex-President

I read a lot of Trump’s books and I’m still not sure if he’s a genius or a madman. But one thing’s for sure, he has serious impact in modern America’s life.

Since the election of Donald J. Trump, there has been a lot of talk about the “Trump effect.” This effect has been felt in many areas of American life, from the economy to foreign relations. In this article and with the selected books below, we will take a look at some of the ways that Trump has affected America and its people.

Trump has affected America is through the economy. Trump’s policies on taxes and regulations have led to an increase in economic growth. This has created jobs and raised wages for American workers. Trump’s policies have also helped to reduce the trade deficit.

Trump has also had an impact on foreign relations. He has taken a tough stance on terrorism and illegal immigration. He has also worked to improve relations with Russia and China. Trump’s foreign policy decisions have made America somehow safer and more prosperous.

I would say I’m neither against nor for him. A lot of people would say he was an autocratic leader in the life of America, which is completely against the nations primary direction. But he was in a fact very honest with Americans, and people do love this.

What Is The “Trump Effect”?

Some say that Trump’s aggressive, divisive rhetoric has emboldened several groups. Others say that his chaotic presidency has created a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Trump has rather a strong personality, which maybe implied the “Trump effect” what we experienced along his presidency.

From his attacks on the press and judiciary to his chaotic governing style, Trump has left many wondering if he has permanently damaged American democracy.

Trump’s critics say that he is a danger to democracy because he does not believe in checks and balances and is constantly trying to undermine the institutions that are designed to keep him in check. They point to his firing of FBI Director James Comey and his attacks on the media as evidence of this.

Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, argue that he is simply shaking up the status quo and that America needs a leader who is willing to break the mold. They believe that Trump is making America great again by putting our interests first. I must say that the line between democratic and autocratic leadership is rather a thin one.

What Are The Top Books By Donald J. Trump?

Trump: The Art of the Deal (2009)

In Trump: The Art of the Deal, ex-President Donald J. Trump lays out his professional and personal worldview. He discusses his upbringing, how he started in business, and his views on negotiation and dealmaking.

Throughout the book, Trump shares stories from his life and career, offering readers insight into his thinking and approach to business. He also provides advice on how to be successful in business and in life.

In this book he gives an interesting account of his business philosophy. He believes that the key to success is to always think big. “I like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple: If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big,” he says.

Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America (2015)

In his book Great Again, Donald Trump presents his political vision for America. We shouldn’t forget this book have been published before the year of the election, so the simple, blaming language is very strong in the lines of the book.

However the value of this writing that it outlines the problems that have led to America’s decline and shows Trump’s worldview and value proposition how he intent to improve the country.

While some of his ideas are controversial, there is no doubt that he is a skilled businessman who knows exactly what are the most important needs of people.

We aren’t in the position the evaluate his presidency, but this book has great value if you want to put the past in context and what may be wait for American people in the next election.

What Are The Top Books About Donald J. Trump?

A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America, by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig (2020)

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker take an intimate look at the Trump presidency. Drawing on deep and unmatched sources throughout the administration, they offer a candid portrait of a president who is often at odds with his own staff. Here, for the first time, we get a close-up look at the inner workings of the Trump White House and the 45th president himself.

This is a well researched book, of course, given Rucker’s and Leonnig’s reputation. They interviewed nearly 200 people, many of them on the record. The narrative is gripping you always feel you want to learn more what happened behind the veil.

Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, by Michael Cohen (2020)

Donald Trump’s former attorney and personal advisor, Michael Cohen, reveals the inside story of the real president Trump. Cohen paints a picture of a man who is obsessed with his own image and reputation, and who will do anything to protect them.

Cohen describes Trump as a man who is always looking for an angle, and who is not above using manipulation and intimidation to get what he wants. He also alleges that Trump has a deep disdain for the rule of law, and that he believes he is above the law.

Cohen’s revelations provide a chilling portrait of a man who holds the most powerful office in the world. The author also raised questions about Trump’s intentions for office, and whether he was truly committed to making America great again.

Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump (2020)

I need to mention this book because of the popularity, but I felt cynical language in the lines of the author. There are somewhere too strong lines in the book like. “If he is afforded a second term, it would be the end of American democracy.”

There is always two sides of every story, maybe the author has right and Trump has a hard childhood, that formed his arrogance, but nobody is perfect and it’s really easy to criticize a former president. Anyway if you are looking for the most critic Donald Trump book than you need to pick this one.

God, Trump, and the 2020 Election: Why He Must Win and What’s at Stake for Christians if He Loses, by Stephen E. Strang (2020)

If you are looking for a pro Trump book, pick this one. The opinions are very controversial about this book.

Some feel that it’s an insightful book that provides a unique perspective on how God is working through Donald Trump during these difficult times. Others believe that it’s a complete fabrication and nothing more than right-wing propaganda.

Regardless of its accuracy, the book could show us an important view. How Christian voters could relate to Trump and how religion could step into the field of politics in our modern age.

What Are The Top Donald J. Trump Biographies?

The United States of Trump: How the President Really Sees America, by Bill O’Reilly (2019)

One thing is sure, you won’t find an unbiased biography for ex-president Trump. And this isn’t either one.

This book, The United States of Trump relies on past interviews. There are some interesting glimpses into Trump’s life, especially the early years. However, the author does not seem to have a very good grasp on Trump’s personality.

If you are looking a Trump positive biography, than Bill O’Reilly’s viewpoint is what you are looking for.

Rage, by Bob Woodward (2020)

On the other hand Bob Woodward shows us Trump’s other side, in his biographical book about Trumps presidency. The author paints a portrait of a president consumed by anger and fear. Trump is fixated on the idea that he is being persecuted, that the world is out to get him.

This paranoia has led him to lash out at those around him, including his own staff. Woodward’s book shows us a Trump who is often irrational and impulsive, driven by personal grievances and a need for “rage”.

Final Thoughts on the Best Books about and from Donald Trump

In order to understand Donald Trump and the “Trump effect,” it is necessary to read at least two books, two viewpoints about his life and presidency.

The above books especially Trump’s books provide great insight into Trump’s background, his successes and failures, and how he has managed to remain in the public eye for so many years.

If you are interested in politics, check out also our favorite foreign policy books selection.

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